Energy drink bag

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Lovely fruit shape bag
Soymilk pouch, attractive bag, kids food bag, high quality bag.

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Energy drink bag (1) Energy drink bag (2) Energy drink bag (3)

1.Standing up pocketable energy drink pouch.
Apple cider pouch, energy drink pouch, fruit juice pouch, honey pouch.
Material Options
2Layers laminated materials: PET/LLDPE
3 Layers laminated materials:
4Layers laminated materials: PET/AL/PA/LLDPE,PET/AL/PA/RCPP

 Material instructure



01 Are you a manufacture?
Sure, we’ve been in packaging bags production for 23 years, we attachgreat importance to quality control in our production process.

02 Do we need to pay for print cylinder fee?
For the first time, we need to charge a fee for the print cylinder. This fee is based on the amount of product colors, our machine have 8 printing colors, we we need 8 print cylinder at most to manufacture products, and if the same design order quantity in a year reach certain number, we will return this fee to you in the form of pouches.

03 Can you provide design? Do we need to pay for your the design fees?
We have professional design team provides design for you, as long as you gives us the relevant materials(such as some pictures) and the corresponding product concept, our designs are free for clients, if the new client need us provide the corresponding design, we will collect a small amount of front money for design, and we will deduct from total price of goods when you order

04 Why do I choose packaging bags fro yingzhicai ?
1.We have been in packaging bags production for 23 years and can avoid many unnecessary troubles, we can effectively supervise the production process and delivery on time.
2.We installed discharge equipment accordance with national standards, ensure safety in production and will not halt production(China’s environmental protection is very strict)
3.Our factory installed solar generator, and will not delay delivery due to lack of electricity(summer is china’s electricity peak, and in order to protect the electricity use of the residents, there will be corresponding limit the electricity use of factory)

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